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KaChoo was picked up by animal control when he was found wandering the streets. He was emaciated, and dehydrated. What little fur he had on his legs covered in feces and burrs. Poor little KaChoo was in such bad shape the shelter staff thought he was dying and allowed Apollo Support and Rescue to pick him up before business hours.

A visit to the vet revealed KaChoo suffers from grade 5/6 congestive heart failure, hypothyroidism, and alopicia. He was expected to only live 6-12 months.

We are thrilled to say that soon KaChoo will be celebrating his 3rd "rebirthday" with us. We are deeply grateful to the many knowledgeable friends who helped us with advise on supplements and diet to help him continue to enjoy his life.

Due to his health issues, KaChoo is in sanctuary care but could use a sponsor to continue the care he receives. If you would like to help KaChoo, please donate to Apollo Support and Rescue here


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