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Small Business Administration Ombudsman Program This office of the SBA is where any small business person can engage the ombudsman program which is aimed to help such persons cope with the enormous bureaucratic mazes and complexities of doing business.

8 Best-Practices for Small Business Websites Everything you “know”about social media for small business is wrong.
Small businesses-accountants, lawyers, and brick-and-mortar shops-don't need 5,000 Facebook fans, Diggs, or blogs that are updated daily. They need business. You know, clients, customers, shoppers, or whatever you want to call them. Start and run a small business without losing your shirt, your sleep, or your sanity!

Small Bizware Earn Twice as Much With Half the Stress Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work And What to Do About It

Talkbiz Help For Small and Home Based Businesses

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